GM-11S Helmet w/Electric Shield



GM-11S Helmet w/Electric Shield

  • DOT Approved
  • Redesigned streamline mouth vent for maximum air flow when in the opened position
  • Visor has been aerodynamically designed to allow airflow to pass uninterrupted across the helmet to virtually eliminate helmet-lift at high speeds
  • Helmet can be quickly converted from a visor configuration to a visor-less configuration
  • Helmet includes clear dual lens shield, cold weather breath box and chin curtain, visor and side plate covers for use when visor is removed to give the helmet a clean full face street look
  • Clear shield is completely hidden under the visor and out of line-of-sight, when in the fully raised position
  • Large eye port that accepts even the largest goggles
  • Shield can be fully raised or lowered when using goggles
  • Top, front, and jaw piece vents are a bold design that can be fully opened or closed with a “gloved” hand
  • Plush removable washable comfort liner
  • Removable washable cheek pads. Different sizes available for purchase to obtain a custom fit
  • Integrated speaker pockets in cheek pads will except most communication devices

GM11 Parts and Accessories

To order, contact a GMAX dealer with the GMAX Part Number and/or WPS Part Number. If you need help locating an authorized GMAX dealer, use our Dealer Locator tool.

Microfiche NumberItemDescriptionPart NumberRetail Price
1ShieldSingle Lens Clear72-334219.95
1 Single Lens Smoke72-334319.95
1 Single Lens Hi-Def72-334419.95
1 Dual Lens Clear72-334529.95
1 Dual Lens Smoke72-334629.95
1 Electric lens Clear w/Cord Kit72-334794.95
N/AElectric Cord for ShieldPower Cord, Complete Kit w/Fuse72-007316.95
N/A Power Cord,18"72-36564.95
N/A Power Cord, Spring Cord72-36575.95
N/A Power Cord, 54" Source Cord72-36555.95
N/A Arctic Cat Adapter Cord72-124310.95
N/AHelmet Cord ClipElectric Cord Clip72-36544.95
6,7Ratchet PlatesShield Ratchet Plate Left/Right w/Screws72-33266.5
N/ARatchet Plate CoversFor use without visor72-33276.5
8VentsMouth Vent Matte Hi-Vis Yellow72-36729.95
8 Mouth Vent Matte White72-36739.95
8 Mouth Vent Matte Titanium72-36749.95
8 Mouth Vent Black72-36759.95
8 Mouth Vent White72-36769.95
8 Mouth Vent Titanium72-36779.95
8 Mouth Vent Matte Black72-36789.95
8 Mouth Vent Black Pre 201572-33109.95
8 Mouth Vent White Pre 201572-33119.95
8 Mouth Vent Titanium Pre 201572-33129.95
8 Mouth Vent Matte Black Pre 201572-33139.95
8 Mouth Vent Hi-Vis Yellow Pre 201572-33149.95
5,10 Top Center w/Screw72-33505.95
3 Top Front Left & Right w/Screws72-33517.95
4 Top Rear Left & Right w/Screws72-33527.95
N/AComfort Liner21mm XS72-333317.95
N/A 18mm SM72-333417.95
N/A 12mm MD72-333517.95
N/A 15mm LG72-333617.95
N/A 12mm XL72-333717.95
N/A 9mm 2X72-333817.95
N/ACheek Pads30mm XS72-332819.95
N/A 25mm SM72-332919.95
N/A 20mm MD/LG72-333019.95
N/A 15mm XL72-333119.95
N/A 10mm 2X72-333219.95
N/ACold Weather KitDual Lens Clear/Breath Deflector/Chin Curtain72-334844.95
N/ABreath DeflectorCold Weather72-33399.95
N/AChin CurtainWarm Weather72-33405.95
N/A Cold Weather72-33415.95
9Trim RingBottom Black72-33496.5
6,10Visor Screws3 pack72-33154.95
2,6,10Visor w/ScrewsWhite Pre 201572-331616.95
2,6,10 Black Pre 201572-331716.95
2,6,10 Matte Black Pre 201572-331816.95
2,6,10 Titanium Pre 201572-331916.95
2,6,10 Hi-Vis Yellow Pre 201572-332016.95
2,6,10 White/Silver Pre 201572-332116.95
2,6,10 Black/Silver Pre 201572-332216.95
2,6,10 Nova Blk/Red White Pre 201572-336016.95
2,6,10 Nova Black/Blue/White Pre 201572-336116.95
2,6,10 Nova Black/Green/White Pre 201572-336216.95
2,6,10 Nova Black/Yellow/White Pre 201572-336316.95
2,6,10 Nova Black/Orange/White Pre 201572-336416.95
2,6,10 Nova Matte Blk/Wht/D.Sil Pre 201572-336516.95
2,6,10 Nova Matte Blk/Sil/Wht Pre 201572-336616.95
2,6,10 White72-366016.95
2,6,10 Black72-366116.95
2,6,10 Matte Black72-366216.95
2,6,10 Hi-Vis Yellow72-332016.95
2,6,10 Titanium72-366316.95
2,6,10 Expedition Matte Black/Dark Silver72-396116.95
2,6,10 Expedition Matte White/Red72-396216.95
2,6,10 Expedition Matte Black/White72-396316.95
2,6,10 Expedition Matte Black/Hi-Vis Green72-396416.95
2,6,10 Expedition Matte Hi-Vis Yellow/Orange72-396516.95
2,6,10 Expedition Matte Black/Hi-Vis Orange72-396616.95
2,6,10 Adventure Matte White/Black/Red72-366616.95
2,6,10 Adventure Matte Black/Dark Silver72-366716.95
2,6,10 Adventure Matte Silver/Hi-Vis Green72-366816.95
2,6,10 Adventure Matte Silver/Hi-Vis Orange72-366916.95
2,6,10 Adventure Matte Silver/Hi-Vis Yellow72-367016.95
2,6,10 Trekka Black/Red72-373016.95
2,6,10 Trekka Black/Blue72-373116.95
2,6,10 Trekka Black/Hi-Vis Green72-373216.95
2,6,10 Trekka Black/Yellow72-373316.95
2,6,10 Trekka Matte Black/Hi-Vis Orange72-373416.95
2,6,10 Trekka Black/Pink72-373516.95
2,6,10 Trekka Matte Black/White72-373616.95
2,6,10 Trekka Matte Black/Dark Silver72-373716.95
2,6,10 Vertical Black/Red72-335316.95
2,6,10 Vertical Black/Blue72-335416.95
2,6,10 Vertical Matte Black/Hi-Vis Green72-335516.95
2,6,10 Vertical Matte Black/Hi-Vis Yellow72-335616.95
2,6,10 Vertical Matte Black/Hi-Vis Orange72-335716.95
2,6,10 Vertical Black/Pink72-335816.95
2,6,10 Vertical Matte Black/White72-335916.95
2,6,10 Vertical Matte Black/Dark Silver72-332516.95
2,6,10 Pink Ribbon Riders Matte White/Black/Pink72-336716.95
2,6,10 Pink Ribbon Riders Black/White/Pink72-336816.95
2,6,10 Pink Ribbon Riders Plaid Black/Pink 201872-397116.95

Parts and Accessories cannot be purchased online at this time.

If you need assistance, please contact your local GMAX dealer or contact us directly.

GM-11S Helmet


DSG GM-11S Checked Out Helmet

With its full-face moto looks and integrated face shield, the GM-11’s crossover design gives you the best of both worlds. This snow sports helmet is loaded with features and design elements typically found only on higher priced helmets. The GM-11 delivers versatility and cold weather features that will allow you to focus on the ride ahead.This helmet is extremely comfortable with its new shell design and was made specifically for the hardcore mountain or backcountry rider. The features also work well for the trail rider who likes an open face helmet.